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Remember to Remember

By March 28, 2022April 20th, 2022No Comments

The word “remember” has two meanings — the first is the commonly known definition: to recall something.

The other meaning of “remember” has the root word “member”, which means to piece together and form one collective thing (as in, the members form the group). And “re-” meaning “again” makes “Re-member” — to put something back together so it’s whole.

So “Remember to Remember” has four meanings/directives:

  1. Remind yourself to recall what you’ve already learned — if you’ve already made the mistake or done something you regret, then you better remember that the next time it comes around. Don’t waste that lesson, already paid for in pain, suffering, loss! Avoid the regret; don’t make the same mistake twice.
  2. Remind yourself to put yourself back together again — in life, we all fall. But it’s never too late to make yourself right again. Pick yourself back up, build yourself back up. Jah bless.
  3. Put yourself back together to recall who you are — if something’s not right, then go back to First Principles, go back to your Daily Program, and re-learn who you are.
  4. Rebuild yourself, to rebuild yourself — if you actually want to change or improve or fine-tune or perfect something about yourself, then you’re actually gonna have to do it.