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Point One Finger…

By April 6, 2022April 20th, 2022No Comments

If you point one finger at someone — blaming them, accusing them, attacking them, mad at them — then just hold your horses for a second. Just … hold on a second.

Have you ever — and I mean eeevvvveeerrr, even just once — done the same thing you’re pointing your finger about?
Most likely, the thing that’s bothering you is something human, like: you lied, or you let me down, or you hurt my feelings, or you’re being selfish, and such.

If You Have done that before … then realize that continuing to point that finger makes you a big ol’ pendejo hypocrite. I’ve been there, many a times, too many times.

Don’t do that to yourself! Instead, put your finger down and articulate your love and high hopes for that person. Tell them the positive feelings you want to have about them.

And then live up to your own standard. Never mind them; just mind how you be acting.
If you don’t… if you’re not your best… then  in reality, you’re giving your loved ones a reason/permission to be less than their best.

Don’t get it? Gimme a holler, and I’ll explain it to you more better.